hold on with both paws...this is gonna be a wild ride!
Did you know that animals actually get drunk from eating rotten fruit? It happens to all sorts of animals all over the world, and it happens often here in Denver’s City Park! 
Inspired by Kat Urich’s screenplay “Fear and Loathing in Park,” this character has evolved to become the mascot for Double Grip Cherry Whiskey. Sid is the owner of the Underbrush Bar, where all the animals in Denver’s City Park go
to cut loose. 
He is a rough-n-tumble sort of guy, gruff on the outside, and he’s got a potty mouth. But you’re sure to love him once you get to know him ...at least if you’ve had a few drinks with Double Grip Cherry Whiskey in them!
The box is designed to look like Sid’s tree, in which you find the Underbrush Bar. It doubles as a setting for play, with a pull-out bar backdrop for extra fun. Keep your eyes open, Sid has lots of other park animal friends, and you just might see them at the Underbrush Bar one day.
It’s called Double Grip for a couple of reasons: because Sid is a scrappy little fighter, and because you’ll need to hold on with both paws when you drink this stuff. 
To delight naughty whiskey drinkers of all ages (over 21, of course) Sid has three voice boxes inside him. When you squeeze his head, body or tail, he’ll swear and make lewd remarks that will make you giggle and blush.
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