OTF Brewing Community... We're all about Suds & Buds - Beer & Friends, that is!
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When I started going back to college, my husband, John Frenzl (a.k.a. “Fritz”), needed a hobby. So he started brewing beer in our kitchen. Over time, friends started joining in to learn more about handcrafted beer. Some just came to taste it while we brewed and sooner or later, people who really weren’t all that interested in the beer started showing up—just for the good company! Before we knew it, people were growing fruit in their gardens to put in the brew pot. That’s when we realized we were on to something and our inclusive, family-friendly club
"On the Fritz Brewing Community" was born!
OTF Retail
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A lot of people love our fruity Fritz beers, but don’t have an interest in brewing. This is an opportunity to spread the Buddy Love by offering our beers for purchase. On the Fritz Brewing Company will be the name of our retail business. 
I have brought the same friendly, casual voice to the retail part of our business. And of course, our mascot, Buddy, will continue to be a part of the On the Fritz story.
On the Fritz Brew Pubs
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On the Fritz Brew Pubs will provide an environment where the whole family can get together over good food and beer.
Because our goal is to promote community, we will launch each brew pub with a big party. This direct mail invitation will go out to a targeted list people in the local area. 
Inside the envelope, you will find a flatpack with two tear-off tabs. One is an invitation to visit the brew pub and enjoy a pint on us. The other is a postcard you can mail to a friend and invite them to do the same. The pack actually folds to become a gift box in which you can bring your souvenir pint glass home.
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