Oila Brand Cooking Oils
Illustration, Fine Art, Branding, Design, Packaging, Art Direction
Mario Camacho Foods in northern California is a producer and importer of food products, including Green Tea Oil from China. Their brand—Oila—is sold for cooking and skin care. Future product offerings are expected to include other types of oils as well. Oila needed a new, more upscale look before being presented to the buyers at Whole Foods. 
Market Research, Illustration
After extended research at upscale retailers, I knew that the message of health and high quality required a human element in the design. To achieve this, I illustrated the plant from which each of these oils is derived using watercolors and colored pencils. Like high-quality foods, hand-rendered artwork is a bit of a luxury, which adds an exclusive appeal.
Demographics, Inspiration
The inspiration for this product line is global, and intended to appeal to Whole Foods’ clients who are of above average income and education. The revised logo is a reference to customs stamps you see on imported shipping crates. 
The gold foil accents are a nod to traditional Chinese artwork, the calligraphic style of the product names was inspired by Old World European writing, and the natural texture of the background celebrates materials favored by Mexican artisans. These elements directly refer to the origins of the products inside: green tea from China, grapes from Italy, and avocados from Mexico.
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